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Out A Live is a reality show where the contestants are placed in an arena full of robots that intend to finish with each one of them trying to give the maximum spectacle for the viewers. The objective of the contestant is to reach the end of the arena and get a magnificent cash prize.

The project brings the idea of this reality show to consoles and computers. A game of the first-person shooter genre where the player will take control of one of these contestants and will have to survive in the arena fighting against all the different robots and overcoming the obstacles that have been raised to reach the end and get the prize . Like all reality shows, it has a lot of spectators, and these will have a very important role in the game. The actions that the player is doing will reverberate in Likes and Dislikes that at the same time these will allow him to get objects inside the arena.

Check our website: http://outalive.kdneta.com

Check our Github: https://github.com/LastCoffeeStudio/Out-aLive


Carlos Álamo · DEVELOPER
Carlos Álamo DEVELOPER
Ferran Coma · DEVELOPER
Adrià Bancells · ARTIST
Adrià Bancells  ARTIST
Nil Grau · ARTIST
Nil Grau
Daniel Mateu · DEVELOPER
Daniel Mateu DEVELOPER
Adrian Meizoso · DEVELOPER
Adrian Meizoso DEVELOPER
Grace Mites · ARTIST
Grace Mites ARTIST
Daniel Romero · DEVELOPER
Daniel Romero DEVELOPER


OutaLive-1.1.zip 632 MB

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A new update has arrived. Now Out a Live has texts and subtitles available in English, Portuguese, French, German, Spanish and Arabic.

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W - Forward
S - Backward
A -  Strafe Right
D - Strafe Left
CTRL - Dunk
SHIFT - Sprint
SPACE - Jump
MOUSE WHEEL - Change weapond
1 2 3 - Change weapond
E - Interact
TAB - Stadistics


Hey guys, I played your game for a bit! it was pretty fun!

Thank you so much for your video! It is awesome and we love seen people having fun with the game. 

We are working to translate the full game into English.

Once again, Thank you so much!!